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Tamworth Home Care Limited seeks to maintain and promote the independence of the individual and regards itself as an enabling rather than a doing provider. We strive to work with Service users, their families, or their representatives in order to deliver a tailored and individual service.

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Our Aims and Objectives

•    Tamworth Home Care Limited aims to provide the highest quality of care to our Service Users, their families, or representatives.
•    To always place the Service user first.
•    To be courteous, polite, and empathic in all our affairs.
•    To safeguard Service users and staff from harm or abuse.
•    To deliver services which fully reflect the needs, wishes and preferences of our Service users.
•    To promote and enhance the independence of our Service users
•    To provide a service that is professional and trustworthy.
•    To continually improve and develop the quality of staff and best practice by robust recruitment and selection policies and training and development of staff.
•    To involve and listen to Service users, families and representatives.
•    To promote an ethos of values which respect the diverse and cultural differences of our staff, Service users and the community

Types of Services We Provide

Tamworth Home Care Limited is registered with the Care Quality Commission for the delivery of Regulated Services to adults and children. The regulated activity that we provide is Personal Care.

The defined Regulated Activities are delivered to a wide range of Service users which include the following. 
•    Dementia
•    Learning disabilities
•    Personal care
•    Physical disabilities
•    Sensory impairments
•    Caring for children (4 - 18yrs)
•    Caring for adults under 65 yrs.
•    Caring for adults over 65 yrs.


Tamworth Home Care Limited provides a service which is tailored to the needs of the individual service user who can no longer manage to maintain themselves without support.  Our support services include:
•    Personal care to include washing, dressing, bathing, toileting.
•    Domestic duties to include washing up, cleaning, laundry etc.
•    Maintenance duties to include shopping, food prep, pension collection.
•    Social duties to include engaging with clients, enabling, motivating and friendship
•    Monitoring duties to include medication, health related activities, recording appropriately tasks undertaken.
•    24-hour care services (live in care)
•    Palliative care services
•    Shopping visits
•    Learning Disabilities and autism services
•    Specialist services such as PEG feeding and stoma care


Occasionally our care workers may be requested to undertake tasks which may (normally) be considered as specialist. In these circumstances, such tasks may be undertaken following the carrying out of an appropriate risk assessment. In addition, this will only be done after specific training in the required procedure (by a trainer with a relevant qualification, e.g., occupational therapist, speech therapist, or nurse).
Such tasks may include (but are not limited to):
•    Catheter care – changing bags, monitoring output 
•    Ileostomy and colostomy care – changing of bags 
•    Assisting with artificial feeding
•    Assistance with eye or ear drops


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